Serving resident needs of ::
                Arlington, Bureau, Cherry, Dalzell, Depue, Hollowayville,
                Ladd, Seatonville & Spring Valley

PROJECT SUCCESS began in 1996 as the brainchild of then Illinois’ First Lady Brenda Edgar as a means of creating community programs that would involve families – children and parents working, playing and being together.

Programs have changed with the times, but the mission remains the same – to offer activities to strengthen family units.

Numerous local organizations, including houses of worship, service and civic organizations, school groups, scouts and local businesses – as well as friends, contribute to our programs. Dedicated volunteers make our work possible – and for them – we are most thankful and appreciative


One of the most visible programs sponsored by Project Success is Hall Twp. Food Pantry. This is a Client-Choice Pantry – which means our patrons “shop” with the help of volunteers who serve as personal shoppers.

This enables them to select items they like and need rather than being given a pre-packaged box of food. Patrons are allowed to shop once each month and leave the Pantry with over 70 lbs. of food.

To support the Pantry, we plan several fund – and food raisers where the help of volunteers is so important.

Hall Township Food Pantry serves on a monthly basis over 300 families (1000 individuals) and these numbers are growing as the needs continue to be met for more and more of our residents increase. The face of hunger is ever changing. Our patrons include single people, couples, parents with children, senior citizens struggling to get by on Social Security, the newly-unemployed or under-employed, individuals returning to society after incarceration, veterans, the sick who cannot work and the well who cannot make ends meet under current circumstances! They can be men, women or children, young or old, new to Eastern Bureau County or long-time residents. But ….. all are hungry

Hall Township Food Pantry hours: Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday, 10am to 12 Noon ….. 5pm to 7 pm, Wednesday

Jan Martin, DIRECTOR /// BOARD MEMBERS: Patti Cinotte, Janice Dalzot, Marie Giordano, Amy Golightly, Kathy Martin, Kim McKee, Jane Piccatto, Resa Stariha, Barb White, Michelle Zeko


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